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Under Deck Waterproofing,

Under Deck Roofing System Serving the Greater Seattle & Portland Area.

Maximize the space under your deck with our UnderCover System Solutions which essencially is as under deck ceiling.

After UnderCover System InstallAre you looking for a way to transform your outdoor space into a comfortable and functional living area? If so, you might want to consider installing an under deck system from UnderCover Systems Pacific Northwest, a division of PCF Group. An under deck system is a ceiling that attaches to the underside of your deck, creating a dry and cozy space below. It also enhances the appearance of your deck and protects it from water damage.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing an under deck system from UnderCover Systems Pacific Northwest:

  • It diverts rainwater away from your deck and into your gutter system, preventing rot, mold and mildew.
  • It provides a smooth and seamless finish that matches your existing style and color scheme. You can choose from a wide range of colors and textures to suit your preferences.
  • It allows you to enjoy more headroom and natural light, as it does not reduce the height of your deck or block the sun. It also improves the exterior views from your deck and below.
  • It is made of durable and washable panels that are easy to remove and replace for plumbing or electrical access. The panels are also resistant to mold, insects and fire.
  • It adds value and appeal to your home, as it creates an extra living space that you can use for entertainment, relaxation or storage.

If you are interested in installing an under deck system from UnderCover Systems Pacific Northwest, contact us today for a free estimate. We are a licensed and insured contractor with over 20 years of experience in the industry. We guarantee quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Let us help you turn your outdoor space into your favorite place!


  • Expertise: Undercover Systems Pacific Northwest has been building outdoor living spaces for over 30 years. In that time, we have developed a patented underdeck process that is unmatched in the industry. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that will last for years to come.
  • Partnership: We believe that the best way to create a successful outdoor living space is to partner with our clients. We work closely with you to understand your needs and goals, and we make sure that every aspect of the design and installation process is tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Warranty: We are so confident in our underdeck system that we offer an exclusive lifetime warranty. This means that you can rest assured that your outdoor living space will be protected from the elements for as long as you own your home.

If you are looking for a company that can transform your outdoor space with a beautiful, functional underdeck system, then Undercover Systems is the perfect choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Expand Your Living Space

Underdeck Roofing

Underdeck Roofing

Waterproof Pergola

Weatherproof Pergolas

Living room under deck

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Furniture

Are you ready to buy outdoor furniture for your new and dry under deck living space? We have teamed with a few companies to bring you top-quality furniture. 

Outdoor Furniture Set

Benefits of an Underdeck System

  • RProvides a year-round outdoor space for entertaining, dining and outdoor enjoyment (they are the perfect spot for a hot tub!)
  • RIncreases home value significantly
  • RMakes your home feel bigger by dramatically increasing dry, usable space
  • RProtects your deck by ensuring that water or debris to not come into contact with crucial deck elements
Underdeck living room
carol johansen
carol johansen
September 24, 2022.
The installers worked hard and long days to stay on schedule and made sure everything was done correctly as well as taking the time to listen to our needs and address them.
Brent Anderson
Brent Anderson
September 15, 2022.
We were impressed with the communication throughout the whole process. Nick and his crew were on time, very thorough and did a great job recapping all that they have done!
Mary Erdman
Mary Erdman
August 11, 2022.
Frankly, we were embarrassed by the look of our exposed wood on the ceiling of our lower deck. We did a number of refresh projects on our 27 year old home and by far making the decision to use UnderCover Systems was the best one. We LOVE the look of product and the new living space we created. The sales process was easy and the installation team was phenomenal.
Norma Miller
Norma Miller
July 10, 2022.
Installed Undercover System to our existing deck giving us more dry, attractive, outdoor living space! Nick, Angel and Martin did a great job from beginning to end of the 3 day project. Always on time, professional, friendly and all three knew exactly what to do. They were organized, took care of our property and their tools. The project went just as planned and we can’t be happier with the entire experience from beginning to end. Great quality project and system with excellent installation . Our existing deck has lots of corners and turns and Nick, Angel and Martin did a beautiful job! The job site was meticulously cleaned! All traces of metal shavings and pieces of wood were picked up. Nick made sure we were happy with their work and explained how the system works etc. Great system to add extra outdoor living space to your home. Great experience from beginning to end thanks to a well organized company with great people!!! Thank you Nick, Angel and Martin for doing a beautiful job!
Mary Daniels
Mary Daniels
July 9, 2022.
We had our undercover system on our 1200 sq. ft. deck installed in 2013. It has given us many hours of happy family time and only this last year did we have a problem of water leaking out from 2 gutter downspout joints during a torrential downpour. The leaks were caused from blockage by leafy material at the gutter/downspout junction. My husband and I used to do annual maintenance by flushing out the gutters to remove leaf blockages; but due to our age and major health issues over the last 6 years, we neglected doing that maintenance. Today, Rob and his courteous and professional team- Martine, Nick, Angel and Corey showed up on time to perform the long overdue maintenance on our undercover system. This consisted of removal and cleaning of each ceiling panel and flushing all the gutters. They removed the two downspout blockages and inspected each panel and gutter for leaks. It is not an easy job, as a portion of our 12-foot high deck extends over a downslope to where a 20 foot high ladder reaches the bottom of the deck. I was able to inspect the undersides the deck boards and joists and they are in great condition, which means that the Undercover System is performing as it should. I highly recommend this quality product; and the service this company provides is top notch. Mary D Newcastle, WA
Justin Juschka
Justin Juschka
July 8, 2022.
Nick + Martin installed our under decking this summer in what was a large and complex project. Overall they were great to work with and even when we ran into slightly challenging problems they provided multiple options for solutions without any additional cost. We are super happy with the result and would highly recommend them!
andy schlipf
andy schlipf
May 27, 2022.
Kept us constantly informed, checked frequently to ensure complete understanding. Great quality, and everyone was very knowledgeable about the process and the products. Made it easy!
Darrian Wang
Darrian Wang
May 4, 2022.
Due to budget reason, we didn't use the service. But I am impressed by the way Cary White from the Seattle office provided the quote and how he informed the customers. Everything was done in a super professional way which tells me a lot about how the company cared about details and the customers.
Jim Steinruck
Jim Steinruck
March 2, 2022.
Excellent communication from start to finish. Extremely professional bidding, installation and follow up. Quality materials and kept us in the loop all along the install process. Highly recommended.


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