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Undercover Systems is the exclusive provider of under deck ceilings, which is a patented system designed to be installed underneath your deck. Undercover Systems Inc. has specialized in this market leading under-deck ceiling solution since 2007. Seattle homeowners know that no competing product is able to match the quality of the material, the clean and finished appearance, or the lifetime warranty offered by Undercover Systems. Made of 22-gauge galvanized steel, an Undercover System can be installed with a variety of accessories including recessed lighting, fans, and even outdoor heaters. We are a company committed to treating every customer with the support they deserve and earn each and every one of our “A” ratings by striving for exemplary customer service, timely and professional installation, and reliable warranty service.

The system allows for proper ventilation under the deck, as it does not attach directly to the underside. The panels are completely removable for future access, which enabled debris removal or even future construction. This patio cover also protects your home against under-deck erosion, Splashback, and water leaking into the house.

Undercover Systems.
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Our History

UnderCover Systems is a family owned, and operated business. The company started in 2007 with the idea of bringing an innovative product to the area that needed it the most. The General Manager was an installer from 2004-2007 helping start-up Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. The need for this product in the Pacific Northwest was a must. With the amount of rain that the Pacific Northwest gets each year the thought of a system that could reclaim that space under your deck so that it could be used year-round made a lot of sense to us. We love the outdoors and the natural beauty of the Seattle area so we want to be able to enjoy it year round and Undercover Systems allows you to do just that. It not only allows for you to add living space year-round but also allows for dry storage and with the addition of some patio furniture, heaters, and entertainment you can transform this space into a full-on outdoor living room. The space is there we just want to help you reclaim it and make it usable.

Our Services

UnderCover Systems allows you to reclaim the space under your deck and create the outdoor living space that you have always dreamed of. We have a lifetime warranty against any leaks and have a top of the line product. If you are looking to reclaim the space under your deck please give us a call at (206) 231-5671 for a free estimate!

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Our Core Principles

UnderCover Systems now focuses on building lasting, fruitful relationships with customers and vendors alike, which is mutually beneficial. Additionally, UnderCover Systems has come up with six core principles to help guide us into the future, providing great experiences for customers, as well as our employees:

We believe in getting the job done correctly the first time. Our installers have years of experience and are led by a Project Manager that has a lifetime of experience installing undercover Systems and knows it inside and out. In the rare case that a project does not satisfy the customer’s standards, we will make it right.

Customer and worker safety is a top priority at UnderCover Systems. We conduct mandatory safety seminars for all our employees. In these seminars, the rules and regulations set by OSHA for a safe work environment are revisited for everyone’s protection.

UnderCover Systems believes in open lines of communication so we can produce a result that satisfies the needs and wants of the customer. We keep you in the loop during the whole process, so you can pinpoint any discrepancies during the work process, and help us rectify them at once. We walk you through the install process, as well, so you know what is happening before it happens.

Undercover Systems employees will show up on time and be ready to go. We pride ourselves on being punctual and getting the job done in the timely manner that has been expressed to the customer.

As a family-owned business, we want our customers to feel like friends and family. We do everything we can to complete the job correctly and treat our customers as a member of our family. We are open and honest about everything we do and our customers come first.

A clean job site not only makes for a safer job site but from the customer’s standpoint, we don’t want to invade their space any more than we have to. We guarantee a safe and tidy job site at all of our locations.

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