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At Undercover Systems we know that there are plenty of contractors out there who will offer to build an underdeck ceiling system. However, we promise you that no one can beat the quality and reliability of Undercover Systems’ patented engineered system.

We’re so confident in our product that we will back it with a lifetime warranty and the promise that we’ll do whatever we can to ensure that you are happy with your new outdoor living space. 

Undercover vs Aluminum Side By Side Comparison

Another failing aluminum system – worst part is we went out to give the guy a bid and he chose this product over ours 5 years ago – now we are scrapping all of the aluminum that he paid close to 15k for $130 its a real shame PLEASE DON’T BUY ALUMINUM

Aluminum Is Unsafe

Check out how cheap this underdecking product is and how unsafe it is to put on under your deck!

Faulty Aluminum Under decking

Please don’t use make shift products under your deck- settle for nothing less then an undercover system today!

Undercover Systems Strong Under decking

This is us showing you how strong our UnderCover system is. It can support not only snow loads but also leaves, debri, and ice loads. Well in this case a 230 lb man standing on a 15×15 foot system directly in the center. No deck up above just our panels sitting on our integrated gutter system. Why wouldn’t you want to stay dry and shaded underneath an undercover system pergola.

Underdeck Systems Attachment

UnderCover Systems

Our Patented Design allows for our ceiling to be supported by the gutter system. Our gutter/support system attaches around the inside perimeter of your deck.

This keeps the top of our ceiling open so that water and debris can exit the ceiling without any impediments blocking the natural flow of material from the ceiling.

This also allows for air to flow freely between the top of our ceiling and the bottom of your deck. This is important for drying out after a rain.

Other Underdeck Systems

Other systems attach directly to the underside of your deck, typically at the joists or beams.

Our experience with these systems has taught us that air flow is crucial to the integrity of your deck, and attaching a water catchment/drainage system directly to your deck severely restricts the drying process. Inadequate air circulation will eventually lead to rot and will prematurely age your deck.


UnderCover Systems

Our underdeck panels use 22 Gauge Galvanized Steel, coated to our specifications with a Dura-Coat Polyester Paint.

We use Structural Grade Steel with a minimum yield strength of 50,000 lbs. Undercover Systems does not buy “Off-the-Shelf” material.

All of our material is ordered by us to specific requirements, coated to our specifications and produced in our factory.

Other Underdeck Systems

What we see most often with other products is a light gauge aluminum standing seam panel or aluminum flashing formed into tubes and emptying into regular house gutters. This material is purchased from stock and is not engineered for the purpose in which it is being used.


UnderCover Systems

All of our installers are Undercover System employees, trained and certified in our unique design.

Other Underdeck Systems

By using “Off-the-Shelf” material installation is by a trial and error method. Some of these suppliers will sell material to anyone without regard for their level of expertise. That is why you see companies that install windows, siding, build decks and most any other trade offer under deck ceilings.


UnderCover Systems

All projects, no matter where they are installed, are reviewed by the Home Office of Undercover Systems. If we have any concerns or questions, our dealers are made aware of the issue and a resolution is made prior to production of the job.

Other Underdeck Systems

In most cases installers are left to their own devices to resolve any problems.

Customer Service

UnderCover Systems

Undercover Systems® has been serving customers nationwide since 1995, and our lifetime warranty can’t be beat. We founded our company on sound customer service. We are on time with appointments.

Our installers are neat, courteous, and informative. We clean-up and leave only the neat, clean ceiling as evidence that we have been to your home. Any warranty issues are addressed promptly and with resolve.

Other Underdeck Systems

Customer Service is the single biggest complaint we hear about in regards to other systems.

Many companies that try to enter this industry end up having short life spans due to faulty or unreliable products and limited to no warranties.

Check references and Washington State L&I for information before allowing anyone to work on your home.


UnderCover Systems

We will warranty your Undercover System “Clearspan Underdeck Roof System” for as long as you own your home against leaks and also paint failure. This warranty does not cover damage, acts of God or any other Natural Disaster. This is intended to cover defects in the finish or with workmanship. Cleaning and other maintenance are not covered. Any leaks outside of our guttering/ceiling system ARE NOT the responsibility of Undercover Systems, Inc.

Other Underdeck Systems

We have never seen any warranties that compare with Undercover Systems.

Personal Guarantee

UnderCover Systems

You have my promise that you will be happy with the quality of our product and our service.

– Robert Greaves, General Manager

Other Underdeck Systems