Jenelle Olsen

General Manager

I rock climb and travel extensively. I ball room dance. I show dogs. I have the #1 female Pharaoh Hound in the world named Stormy. I’ve been in finance my entire career and have the unique ability to inspire people to collaborate, be invested into their idea and execute it. At PCF, work isn’t mundane. You’re invited to bring ideas to the table, feel challenged and valued.


Kevin Williams

CSR Manager

I’m down-to-earth, adaptable, and can communicate complex things simply. I love traveling with my 16-year-old basketball-playing son, especially while hoping he can pay his own way to college. I take pride in my job knowing that I’m supported to interact with our customers with transparency and integrity.  


Codee Allen

Director of Marketing

I grew up doing construction with my dad and eventually found PCF. I love it here because the people are awesome. I’ve made my way up through the company by being diligent and dedicated to what I do and have a marketing background, which led me to my current position. I love capturing our clients’ reaction at the end of their project. It’s important to be open and honest with our clients, and I believe we excel at that in this industry. I don’t think anyone can beat us in that category.


Davey Sheridan

CAD Manager

I love math and art and it all came together for me in this profession of commercial architecture. Name recall is a super-power of mine. I keep away from assumptions and stereotypes by asking lots of questions. I love learning. I enjoy playing and singing music. I believe that good conversations every day of my life will bring me happiness. I love that this job does that for me.


Jaws Michlein

Project Specialist

If you like gaming and tequila, I’m your friend. I’m detail-oriented and thrive in problem-solving. During my free-time, I’m developing software or creating 3D animation. I love my job because it presents new challenges every day and I come home knowing I’ve contributed to solving the problem. 


Alec Sutton

CAD Assistant Manager

I’m originally from Illinois. I was a theater student, but have a degree in scenic design. I’ve got a keen sense for detail and have a niche for finding imperfections in technical drawings. You can find me in my office laughing with our team often. Thankfully, my love for hiking is a good compromise to being an avid foodie.  


Ari Fernando

CAD Engineer

I’ve been a CAD designer my entire career. I geek out on the programming side of drafting—Luminar, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Rhino, 3ds Max and a host of others. I enjoy PC-gaming. When my brain needs a break from custom precision drafting, my boss might find me playing an RPG adventure or tactical game—a hobby that sharpens my skillsets.


Jessica Larsson

Permit Assistant

I’m simple and easy-going. What you see is what you get. I journey through life with my husband and 3 kids in an even-keel, consistent pattern. I’ve been a teacher for years, so supporting something of value comes natural to me. I love the heart of PCF. Integrity and diligence are how I contribute to the heartbeat of PCF to keep the flow consistent and healthy.


Cami Benway


I love learning and the feeling of accomplishment. I’m passionate about my horses and compete in dressage competitions with a few national titles under my belt. You’ll find me gardening and enjoying the outdoors often. PCF fits me because of the schedule flexibility and how tight knit it is.


Fedra Meza


Me encanta mi familia y mi trabajo. I’ll say it in Spanish just because I can. I love spending time with my two kids and watching my husband play soccer. The best part of my work is getting the job done. At PCF, everyone’s a team player. We take care of each other and our customers. They’re all about the people.


David Hernandez

Human Resources Specialist

The glass is half-full to me. I pursue life with musical zest and a can-do mentality, which has landed me with an eclectic job history from a bought-out online Candy Company, Uber driver, to a state of WA employee. Not to mention, my viral YouTube channel of 200 subscribers! I love the people at PCF. It’s a drama-free zone. I know I’m in the right place when I’m doing work and it doesn’t feel like work.


Nhally Hing


I’m positive, charismatic, and empathetic. I’m a power-lifter. While I like to challenge myself physically, I love to escape musically—Thai rap is one of my favs. I love our company culture. They find your passion and gifts and somehow find ways to support and improve it. 


Dajana Estrella


Having been a teacher for 7 years, I’ve learned to be positive and friendly. I’m eager to learn and to help others. Being a single mom of 2 keeps me busy, but I’ll never turn down dancing or hiking. Our company has an uplifting, family-friendly vibe that supports my job in bringing excellence to customer service.



Chris Podlucky


Outdoor living construction is familiar territory for me. I’ve been a part of this industry for over 30 years through finance, sales, and even as a general contractor. Road biking is a daily release for me. I’ve climbed Mt. Rainier a couple times, which has only fueled my love for the outdoors. PCF is a family, team-oriented company. They’ll make you feel a part of the team right away.  


Cary White


I’m a man-child. I wakeboard on Lake Washington. I’m a black diamond skier. I’m a competitive tennis player. I’ve been selling door-to-door since I was 15 years old. I was a professional male model and actor in Asia through my 20’s. I’ve been a mortgage broker and public speaker for Amway. I work for my kids and my property. I love to work hard and play hard. I beat cancer and it was PCF that gave me the zest I needed to aspire for the next day.


David Hull


Carpentry has been my hobby since as long as I can remember. If I’m not on a 90-mile bike ride, I’m probably building furniture in my garage. I’m a good listener. Successful projects are a result of good listening. PCF is a flourishing company because they recognize the value of fueling personal success as an equivalent to the company’s success.


Dean Curry


Take me to the beach in a ’68 Camaro and I’ll be your best friend. I love anything water-related and from the muscle-car era. Over 30 years of construction and natural disaster investigative work has taught me a lot about extreme applications of products. I tend to execute projects that aren’t square boxes and aren’t conventional. PCF supports my talents and approach while providing a platform for life-long learning.


Tim Moore


If you enjoy music and company, I may invite you to a hootenanny around a campfire while I lead with my harmonica. I love people. I’ve been in construction my entire life, but seeing a client’s reaction when I’ve helped make their dream a reality will never get old for me. PCF is incredibly supportive. The work culture makes for a thriving environment.


Jeff Snider


I’ve raised my kids on our 1990 21’ Sea Ray Laguna boat on the San Juan Islands. Archery and hunting are an integral part of my family life. I started working at Nordstrom and retired at Nordstrom 30 years later. But then my wife said, if I’m working, you’re working, so I’m working. I live by the creed that there’s no right way to do a wrong thing and that’s worked out well for me at PCF.


Kalan Dumadag


I’m easy to work with and straight up. I love off-roading and golfing with my kids. I’m originally from O’ahu, Hawaii, so spear-fishing is my MO.  I’ve been in sales my entire career because I enjoy working with people. PCF is like a family. I thrive from its transparency and team chemistry. Customer satisfaction is my priority and brings me the most satisfaction as well.


Ian McDonald


Sales is not sales for me. It’s a service. Finding the best way to serve people has been an integral part of my entire career. I served as a rescue swimmer in the US Coast Guard, which was the best time of my young life. I enjoy talking about business and spending time with my family. PCF satisfies my passions by giving me the freedom to serve our customers while harnessing my entrepreneurial spirit.


Skyler Owen


I’m passionate about helping people. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, I find joy in helping client dreams come true. I’ve completed a craft apprenticeship program in concrete construction, which led me to own and operate my own decorative concrete business. Sales leadership and business management have been integral parts of my career—experience that helps create an optimal product.


Amanda DeMarr

Inside Sales

I’m a native of the Pacific Northwest and experienced custom home construction at an early age through our family’s construction business. I love volleyball, hiking, skiing, and wake surfing on Lake Tapps. PCF has allowed me to grow my sales experience and continue with our family’s history of creating unique designs by understanding the terrain and environment of the beautiful evergreen state.  



Joel Morrison

Project Manager

I love spending time with my wife, son, and animals anywhere in the outdoors. I claim having the cutest Basset Hound named Bella Bu and the award for Mr. Jabber Jaw. A native of Puyallup, WA, I’ve been in construction for over eight years having installed over 300 undercover systems around the PNW. I’ve received awards from the Certified Contractors Network and find the most joy in my every day work knowing we are building a customer’s dream. PCF sets the standard for quality outdoor living projects.

Max Millick

Max Millick

Project Coordinator

I’m a random encyclopedia. I was a Nuclear Officer in the US Navy for 11 years. I studied Literature in college. I love meeting people from all over the world. I’m a team player in whatever I do. Electrical work satisfies me because I can provide immediate service. At PCF, I thrive from their family-oriented work culture where everyone has each other’s backs.

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