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Undercover Systems Pacific Northwest schedules repairs every couple of months between installation shipments. In order to serve you better and more quickly, please read the following paragraph carefully:


The leaking area(s) need to be marked with masking or painters tape. This is a crucial step that must be done. It would be virtually impossible for the crew to find the leaks on a dry day, which would be the difference between removing the entire system (up to 5 hours), or just removing a few panels (as little as 15 minutes). Without this step being done, we cannot send a crew. If the crew arrives and the leaks are not marked, there will be a $150 charge and the repair will have to be rescheduled.

Repairs will take place starting at 8 AM each scheduled day. There is no guarantee that your repair will be done on these days, as it is difficult to assess beforehand how long each site will take. If the crew cannot get to everyone, you will be notified by the office and the dates will be scheduled another time.


Thank you for your patience and your part in helping us get these repairs done properly and efficiently!

How to mark a leak on your UnderCover System

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COVID-19 Update: If you are in need of undercover system installation or any emergency repairs, we can do it. To keep you and our workers safe Undercover Systems has established a social distancing policy, and we don’t have to enter your home to do work. We are also 100% paperless, allowing you to make payments, and e-sign all your documents from your phone or computer using BuilderTrend. Have questions, please feel free to call!