Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the greatest benefits of living in the Pacific Northwest is being close to nature.  Take advantage of the beauty of the region and make the most of your outdoor space year-round with a warm, dry outdoor living room or outdoor kitchen from Undercover Systems.

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Pacific Northwest Outdoor Living

Imagine a relaxing evening with a cool breeze gently blowing on you as you lay back and relax on your sofa to watch tv. Picture a sunny spring day as you prepare a meal for your friends and family in the warm, open air.

An outdoor living space is more than just a covered patio. It is a place where you can enjoy the serenity of the Pacific Northwest outdoors and entertain guests year-round. Outdoor living rooms, kitchens, and other rooms from Undercover Systems allow you to expand your living area out into your yard and create beautiful, fully functional rooms out in nature.

Created using our patented under deck systems, you will have a warm, dry space under your existing deck that will make your old backyard patio seem like a distant memory.

For over two decades, Undercover Systems has been making homeowner’s dreams of having an outdoor living space become a reality. Contact us today to find out just how affordable a custom designed outdoor room can be.

Outdoor living spaces provide many benefits, which include:

  • R Custom Designed
  • RDry and Functional Space
  • REntertain Guests Year-Round
  • RIncreased Home Value
  • R Comfortable
  • RStylish
  • RAffordable
  • RAnd much more ...

Year-Round Enjoyment

Want to make the most of the Pacific Northwest’s serene nature? Undercover Systems can provide you with a fully functional outdoor living space. Our team has experience building hundreds of outdoor living rooms, kitchens, and more, we’d love for yours to be our next project! 



We know that the layout of each home and the needs of each homeowner are unique. From where to place the outdoor furniture, to deciding the perfect spot for your fire pit, or where the outdoor dining area should go, each of these decisions should involve the input of the homeowner.

It will be your outdoor space, so you should be the one to decide on how it will look. Because of this, each homeowner will be the one to design the layout of their own outdoor living room or outdoor kitchen. You will have input on the color scheme, style, and layout of our new room.

At many of our dealership locations there are professional designers staffed to assist homeowners with design ideas. If you are interested in getting assistance with the design of your outdoor living space, then let us know and we will be able to assist you.

Undercover Systems team of certified installers will then install the under deck, appliances, and electrical services after you make the aesthetic decisions.


Many homeowners are worried that having an outdoor living space is too costly, but that is simply untrue. Our outdoor kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms are built using the existing, unused space under your raised or multi-story deck. We simply install an under deck system on the present deck, so the space will stay dry and warm. This makes the cost affordable for homeowners.

The cost for the patio furniture, décor, and furnishings is up to the homeowner’s style and preferences. You can decide how much you want to spend on this area, so you can stay within your budget to get your outdoor room affordably.


Homeowners are amazed to find out that by adding an outdoor living space, their home value can be increased as much as 20%. The space will now be able to be used year-round, and it will stay dry and comfortable. Your outdoor living space from Undercover Systems will make you the envy of your family members and friends.

Let us show you why UnderCover Systems has become the go-to source for creating outdoor living space in the Pacific Northwest. For service in Washington Call us at (425) 243-8023 or Oregon at (503) 517-8492. You can also contact us online to schedule an ESTIMATE.