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Pergolas, arbors, and gables are a fully customizable way to transform your yard into a dry, shaded, outdoor living space. Through careful selection, we can combine our many options to effectively complement any home and landscape and construct exactly what you have in mind.

Fully Customizable Design

A backyard pergola, arbor, or gable can add a touch of elegance and increase your home’s value simply and effectively. We offer many options and custom elements such as shape and size, build location, curved characteristics, building material, styled columns and accessory fixtures.

Once we’re finished, your new structure will fit seamlessly into your yard and create a new focal point or space for outdoor entertainment. You’ll soon forget what life was like without your Undercover Systems structure.

  • Cedar OptionCedar Pergolas
  • Cedar OptionWood Pergolas
  • Cedar OptionVinyl Pergolas
  • Cedar OptionWaterproof Pergolas

Transform Your Yard

Want to make the most of the Pacific Northwest’s serene nature? Undercover Systems can create a unique new structure to enhance your yard. Our team has experience building hundreds of pergolas, arbors, and gables, we’d love for yours to be our next project!


The size and shape of your new outdoor structure depends greatly on the existing landscape and surrounding hardscape.

We work closely with each homeowner to design a structure that fits their unique needs and buildable space.


We can build pergolas, arbors and gables virtually anywhere and onto any existing elements of your home. This enables us to build structures directly onto the ground, on concrete, attached to a deck, or adjacent to the house. We can also build pergolas that wrap around central features of your home such as a pool, existing structures, or garden features.

Building onto the ground can create a shaded or sunny grassy area for comfortable backyard picnics and a space for playful kids to escape the harsh sun! An Undercover Systems pergola on concrete can provide a shaded, dry walkway to your garage or front door. It can also transform a wet morning walk into a place to stop and smell the roses on your way to work.

A pergola on top of a deck can instantly transform the deck space into a year-round area for outdoor dining and entertaining. A covered pergola can also create a shaded strip around the pool or garden, providing comfort during hot summer days and enabling homeowners to enjoy their pool or garden rain or shine. Combined with an underdeck ceiling, pergolas can create dry livable space for year round enjoyment and entertaining.

Every structure we build can be constructed freestanding or using the side of your home as support. 


To provide more design options and enhance aesthetic appeal, we can curve the cross beams to create a whole new look.

An arched pergola can be a wonderful structure for the growth of specific plants such as climbing roses, wisteria and even grapes for the oenophile in us all. A curved pergola can serve as a beautiful entryway in a semicircle of shade around a door, doubling as a patio space!

This aspect of pergolas can offer a unique aesthetic design previously unattainable with standard pergola construction.


We are able to construct pergolas, arbors and gables out of nearly any material you can think of. Our wood options can be painted, stained or left naturally. We also offer composite materials and waterproof options as well. Now matter what material you choose, we can ensure that your new structure matches perfectly with your home’s current design and your specifications.


Every home is different and as such, we offer unique and customizable styled posts and support columns for every structure. We can install modern, square posts or more traditional styled columns. We even offer column bases inlaid with cobblestone, fieldstone and stacked stones, bricks or concrete materials that wonderfully accent your new pergola, arbor or gable and your home!


Accessories are endless with every Undercover Systems Pacific Northwest installation. We offer our one of a kind underdeck ceiling system, lighting fixtures such as can lights, chandeliers and lighted fans. Along with recessed speakers, swinging chairs and rain chains. Every structure can be outfitted with accessories that assist with creating a shaded or sunny, dry livable space for the whole family to utilize.

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