Undercover Systems is a modular designed roof system for the underside of decks. This roof/ceiling system consists of individual ceiling panels and integrated guttering that both collect water from the system and also are the support members for the ceiling.


Modular components, custom manufactured to deck configuration.


Gutters/supports attached with #8 galvanized screws (on wood) and 3/16 “Tapcon” fasteners (on brick). Gutter bracket supports are installed as required.


Panels are self sealing. Mitered joints and downspout connections are sealed with urethane caulk. The Gutter/support system is sealed to the structure with polyurethane caulk.


All wood installed is Pressure Treated or Pre-Dried. Wood is installed with ACQ and MCQ approved, galvanized fasteners.


1/8” per 12” with a minimum of 2” slope from back to front.


Determined per job; based on square footage and potential for debris entering system.


Exposed surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water as needed. Debris can be cleared from ceiling by raising panel over downspout and removing debris around downspout connection. Gutter can then be rinsed with water to remove any remaining debris.


Ceiling can be disassembled and removed if required.


22 gauge, G-90 Galvanized Steel.


Dura Coat high durability polyester paint system.


Limited lifetime leak and paint warranty. Engineering specifications available upon request.


Price is based on total area to be covered and complexity of job. Costs will be determined during an onsite visit by USI personnel.

COVID-19 Update: If you are in need of undercover system installation or any emergency repairs, we can do it. To keep you and our workers safe Undercover Systems has established a social distancing policy, and we don’t have to enter your home to do work. We are also 100% paperless, allowing you to make payments, and e-sign all your documents from your phone or computer using BuilderTrend. Have questions, please feel free to call!