Under Deck Systems

Underdeck systems from Undercover Systems of the Pacific Northwest give you the ability to create vibrant, beautiful outdoor living and kitchen spaces underneath your existing raised, or multi-story deck. Not only does this allow you to maximize the use of your home and yard space, but it brings character and long-term value to your home as well.

Undercover Systems.

Undercover Systems ®

Undercover Systems is a uniquely engineered, patented underdeck system. A leader in the industry since the 1990s, our custom designed and built systems provide quality and value that is unmatched by our competitors!

Under Deck Benefits

There are a variety of benefits of having an underdeck system from Undercover Systems added to your home.  These include: 

  • Custom built for your home
  • Functional outdoor living space
  • Warm and dry protection
  • Easy maintenance
  • Attractive designs add character
  • Added property value
  • And much more…

Under Deck FAQs

The underdeck itself is exactly what it sounds like, the space underneath a deck. For most people, this is usually the place where lawn equipment, gardening supplies and other clutter is stored.

In short an underdeck system is a deck ceiling and deck drainage system that turns that old storage space into a functional outdoor room that can add value to your home. 

  • Vinyl – A DIY product. Isn’t as effective for drying under the deck.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is not approved metal for attaching underneath the deck due to the ‘galvanic reaction’ that occurs with the copper preservatives that are in pressure treated wood used for decks. The copper will destroy the aluminum, which is not recommended. 

The cost is surprisingly reasonable. The underdeck system can be installed to any new or existing deck. The underdeck system is installed underneath an existing deck, which is how the cost is so affordable for the homeowner. When an underdeck system is added, the homeowner is gaining outdoor space that will add value to your home. 

An underdeck will last a homeowner a lifetime. Undercover Systems provides a warranty that is good as long as you live in your home. Our competitors can’t offer this warranty. 

Contact us today to get a FREE ESTIMATE and expand your outdoor living space with an Undercover System installed by a Certified Installer!

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